Monday, January 31, 2011

Hair repair for damaged rebonded hair

Rebonding is a process of hair straightening which involves chemicals to have best results. and when we speak of chemicals we have always this notion of side effects. Having this process twice or thrice a year is really stressing to my hair. and to keep your rebonded hair healthy you have to nourished it.

I have done some researchs on how to help my rebonded hair healthy after its tiring process. I want it to be done at home to be less expensive and here are some tips that I been doing which for some I have ask and for me works effectively.

  • Treat your hair once a week with an Intensive Hot Oil Treatment with wheat protein and vitamins formula ( I have been using Schwarzkopt Bonawell repair formula eversince). 
  • Avoid using shampoo in your everyday hair wash, use it every other day but have always a conditioner.
  • Various hair masks in the market can be use for more manageable and shiny hair. applied it in a dried hair. it will help cut down fizz and tangled hair and shine your hair.
Have a bad hair day free! :)

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Anonymous said...

i had reboundend my hairs just a month ago, n suddently i wake up kin morning n found dat hey gt all damaged coz i had slept wid wet hair due to which they al curved..m really feeling very sad n bad pls suggest me wat shud i do knw..