Monday, January 16, 2012

Rebonding in Dubai

My hair has been rebonded for almost 8 years now. Done once, twice or sometimes thrice a year. At first I was worried when we arrived in UAE thinking where can I get an affordable but with quality hair streghtening process which is known as Rebonding. I have tried many beauty parlors in Dubai, which costs me around 400 to 600AED (P5,000-P7,000) for this process and will last only for 3-4 months. Until I have heard from a friend that there's an chinese parlor in the Al Rigga city which is less expensive compare to others.

First I was hesitant to go because I'm thinking that they are cheaper compare to others because maybe they are using cheaper medicines or worst, fake one!

Anyway, I tried it to stop thinking and found out that that they are using Wella products which is known for its quality and I think there using real one because for the first time I have been rebonded by them it last for 8 months! And the procedure last only for 3 to 4 hrs. They are well trained in doing it as I observed. I have coarse hair condition for other it only lasted for 3 to 4 months and I think the medicines used matter. I have had my last rebond six months ago and used Loreal Extenso which is really good. The hairdresser told me to used same product for my next rebond or I may also use Wella. So, to make long story short, I got a place where to go when it comes to rebonding after 3 years in searching here in UAE.

I again went to this parlor to have this process and I think I made right decision by returning to them. By the way, just one funny thing in this parlor is that the chinese hairdresser will secretly ask you for discounted offer of hot oil in the middle of the process for only 50AED good for two visit! First, they will add it on your naturalizer (second/last medicine applied to your hair) and second hot oil treatment is after a month. They will just whisper it to you and will tell you "no talk over the counter/cashier" which makes me grin! But its your choice to grab it :)

So far the experience is good and service is same or even better than other expensive parlors aside from of course their facilities and offers inside the parlor are not as good as later. Here are some shots inside the parlor.  Hope this will help to those who are searching for a new and cheaper hair rebonding service within the emirates. :)

Inside the parlor
the crew of the parlor
customers are mostly Filipinos
smile there 姐姐 ! :)


Anonymous said...

what's the name of the salon and where it is located?

mairem said...

what's the name of the salon and its exact location?

Ma. Grace said...

Hi it is located at Al Rigga Road, Deira. The name of the parlor is Desert Sun Salon Unit 704 Green Corner Bldg.04 228 7108 :)

Anonymous said...

hi , do u knowe if they have a branch in abu dhabi ?

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to mention about the free mineral water! Nevertheless, I couldn't agree more! :))

Zainab said...

what is your mobile numbers

Zainab said...

what is your mobile number

Anonymous said...

hi grace, are they really good? do you still go there? im also looking for a salon for hair rebonding but im very hesitant.

please let me know ... i need to do it soon :)

thanks :)

Fronie Catalan said...

just want to ask how much did u pay?

Ma. Grace said...

Hello, for me they have good service and the result is okay. last august 2012 I pay 230aed for my hair. :)